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AVID Tutoring & Help

Study & Snack Dates for trimester finals

  • 2017-18 dates TBA

Where can I find help?

Your teachers are the best source for understanding the subject as well as specific assignments.
Arrange time with your teachers before or after school.

    **See “What do I do when I come in for Help” (below)**

  • Study Sessions, sponsored by Be the Dream
    • WHEN: Wednesdays & Thursdays: 3:15-5:00 p.m.
    • WHERE: WHS library
    • No appointment necessary!
  • NHS Tutors One-on-one help: sign up in the counseling office to be contacted by an NHS tutor.
    You can arrange days, times, and places that work best for you.
    • WHEN: NHS Tutors available Monday & Wednesday  mornings
    • WHERE: Media Center.
    • No appointment necessary!
  • Math & Science
    •     Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00-8:30 a.m.
    •     Counseling Office
    •     No appointment necessary!

What do I do when I come in for help?       

  • Use the time as structured work time
  • Work on assigned reading, assignments, and projects.
  • You will have a teacher there to ask . . .
    •     Is my work “on the right track”?
    •     Is my work of good quality? (Come with assignments complete if possible.)
    •     Can you help me understand this section of the reading?
    •     Can you clarify these directions for me?
    •     Can you help me understand the assignment expectations?

Time to study—with a teacher there to help if you need it

  • Do your “Note making” step of looking for key words to circle, highlighting main ideas, adding info, and identifying any points of confusion with a question mark.
  • Do your “Note interacting” step of creating high level question in the question column, quizzing yourself with those questions, and writing a good summary at the bottom.
  • You will have a teacher there to ask for help if you are not understanding something.
  • What are some areas of the class information you are not confident in yet?  Can you bring this to tutorial?

Questions to ask of your teachers?

  • Would you be willing to look at the work I have done so far on this assignment?
  • Am I following the expectations well?
  • How can I improve the quality of this work?
  • What would you recommend I spend this time studying?
  • What are some higher level questions I could challenge myself with?