Updated 6/29/2017

2017-18 Yearbook Orders

Yearbook sales will open in Fall 2017.

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Yearbook Staff Information

The yearbook is produced annually by WHS students. They work under the direction of the yearbook advisor over the course of the school year. The yearbook staff consists of 8 editors and over 40 members. There are 3 groups: layout, photography, and writing. Students who want to be part of the yearbook should apply in the fall. Contact Brian Peters, Yearbook Advisor, at or (651) 425-4454 with questions. Students who are accepted, will be assigned to a work group.

Senior Yearbook Pictures due November 1, 2017

The student photos used in the yearbook are provided by Lifetouch, through a contract with District 833. The district requires all students to have photographs taken for their school record and student ID cards. Seniors may submit a photo for use in the yearbook that is taken by an outside photographer. All senior photos must meet the requirements specified below. Senior ID cards are made using the junior year picture.

NEED A YEARBOOK SENIOR PHOTO? Any senior who would like a professional picture taken for the yearbook, can have their picture taken for free on November 15. After the senior class panoramic, you can have your picture taken by a Lifetouch photographer. Please let Mr. Peters know if you would like to take advantage of this offer. Remember, if we do not receive a picture from you, we will use your junior photo in the yearbook.

Attention Class of 2018: Senior Photo Portrait Specifications for Yearbook Inclusion

*****Important Yearbook Information Regarding Senior Photos, Baby Pictures and Quotes.*****

Please follow the specifications listed below as close as possible. If you are not sure, send a couple of photo options and I will let you know which one we can use.

Seniors have the option of using Lifetouch for their senior yearbook photo. Download the Lifetouch flyer or visit the Lifetouch website for more school picture information.

Seniors who use a private photographer (NOT Lifetouch) for their senior photo are responsible for delivering their photos to the yearbook staff in the media center. We will use your junior photo if a senior picture is not submitted on time.

Senior photos must meet the following criteria:

  • Vertical head and shoulder photos only (no profile photos).
  • No full body photos.
  • No props (this includes hats or hoods).
  • Please keep the photo background simple.
  • Keep hands and arms lowered and away from your face.
  • Photo must use portrait alignment--not horizontal.
  • Color photos only will be accepted--no black and white.
  • We do NOT encourage taking prints from your photographer and then scanning them. The quality is usually poor. Ask your photographer submit the electronic image directly.
  • These specifications are put in place to have uniformity throughout the section but allow the students to choose their own photographer. The yearbook staff does not want to deny photos due to students not following the above criteria. Saying a type of photo was allowed by a previous year's staff will not fly this year.  

Photo size requirements for yearbook submission:

  1. Minimum requirement (can be larger) 3-inches tall by 2.25-inches aspect ratio (300 dpi minimum).
  2. Larger photos are okay but remember the yearbook staff has the right to crop large photos.
  3. Please do not email a photo larger than 5 MB. Minimum size 300KB.

How to submit your senior picture for inclusion in the yearbook

  • Please save the photo digitally as a jpeg and at least 300 dpi.
  • Label your jpeg photo file as follows: lastname firstname
    Example: Doe Jane. jpeg (no comma between last and first name)
  • Email your photo to Mr. Peters,  Or, burn your photo to a CD or save on a flash drive and deliver to the Media Center by November 1, 2017 (Note the earlier date)
  • Seniors who miss the deadline can have a professional picture taken by Lifetouch in November or we can use your junior photo.
  • We will contact the people who miss the deadline in November. If you don't hear from us, you can be assured your photo met our requirements for entry in the yearbook. The senior section of the yearbook will also be printed off for seniors to check before publishing. We will not send emails or call every senior confirming we have their photo. It will be up to the senior to check their photo, spelling of their name, baby picture and quote for accuracy. They must initial everything is ok or let us know what must be changed.  
  • Contact Brian Peters at or (651) 425-4454 with questions.

Baby Pictures

Again this year we would like to include baby pictures with your senior photo. Please note there is a $10 charge to include a baby picture in the yearbook. We use the money to buy cameras, memory cards or add enhancements to the yearbook. The baby pictures will be returned. Please label on the back of the baby picture with your name. Digital pictures can be emailed to Mr. Peters at the email's listed above. Baby pictures are due by November 1, 2017.

Senior Quotes

Please submit one quote to be placed next to your senior picture in the yearbook. This quote must come from a respectable source (book, authoritative website, etc.) and cannot be your own, nor your peers. You must cite the author. Please do not email this quote, you will submit your quote in your English class in the fall or if you have PSEO you can drop it off in the media center before November 1, 2017.

Thank you!

Brian Peters
Yearbook Adviser