Class Schedules & Counselor Appointments (Grades 10-12 ONLY)

Updated 8/7/2017

Starting August 7, 2017, parents and students may access their Woodbury High School Student's 2017-18 class schedule by logging on to Parent Portal. The school's Master Schedule may change throughout the summer, and while your student's class selections won't change, the class period and teacher could change as we balance class sizes. Find links for counseling appointments to correct schedule problems below.

Please check for the following schedule issues:

  • Incomplete schedule--your schedule doesn't have 18 courses; 6 each trimester.
  • Missing required grade level course for English or Social Studies.
  • Repeats a course that you have taken already and passed.
  • NOTE: Full year (3 trimester) classes in English, Social Studies, Science, or Math could change class periods from trimester to trimester. We attempt to keep students with the same teacher for our core content areas but it is not always possible due to schedule constraints and/or student elective course selections.
  • NOTE: NO SCHEDULE CHANGES will be made for teacher or elective preference.

Resolving Schedule Problems

Register for a 10-minute appointment with your counselor to resolve schedule problems using the links below. These appointments are for students in grades 10-12 only.

Students with schedule problems who cannot meet with their counselor prior to the start of school should come the the Counseling & Career Center on the first day of school.