Job Fair Success

Steps for being successful at a Job Fair

  • Have copies of your resume, but expect to be told to apply online.
  • You can't show up at a career fair without copies of your resume, but don't plan to drop them off with the recruiter in lieu of applying online. If the recruiter accepts your resume, it will probably be to write a note to remind him about your conversation.
  • Know what type of job you want.
  • Don't attend a career fair without knowing what type of job you want to land. Most fair organizers publish company participant lists in advance.

Be able to introduce yourself

  • This isn't as easy as it might seem. Most job seekers fail to have a succinct, clear, and direct answer to the inevitable question, "Can you tell me about yourself?" Remember, your answer must articulate how your skills, accomplishments, and experiences directly relate to the type of job you want to land at the organization.

Have some good questions to ask

  • Once you know the basics, it's easy to draft several inquiries to make you look smart, informed, and on target. Has the company recently had some positive press? Comment on it! Make a point to let the recruiter know you've done your homework. Ask intelligent questions to help the company's representative remember you positively.

Look the part

  • It is absolutely crucial to dress appropriately. This typically means a business sometimes a suit or, a clean pressed shirt or blouse, and polished shoes.

Adjust your attitude

  • What kind of impression will you make at a career fair if you pout and have a negative demeanor? Even if you're feeling down about your job prospects, make an effort to smile and act positive when meeting people at a job fair. No one wants to hire someone who seems bitter or unhappy.

Follow up

  • Send a follow-up note that references your meeting and conversation. (The notes you took from the fair will come in handy for this.) Remind the recruiter of your qualifications, explain that you applied online for the job, and reiterate your strong interest in working at the organization.