Registration Instructions

Updated 1 December 2018

2019-20 Registration Timeline

  • Thursday, December 13, 2018: Presentation of materials and information through advisory group. Start to fill out Course Planning Worksheet.
  • Thursday, January 24, 2019: Course Planning Worksheet due in math class. Transfer information to registration card. Registration card due on this day!

2019-20 Registration Instructions

  • Students can Review Program of Studies online at home

Students should review Graduation Requirements; required credits, required courses, and required tests. Students can refer to their copy of the course card to help pinpoint courses that they would like to look up online. The 2019-20 Program of Studies (POS) is posted under the Students menu; the POS is published as a PDF file.

  • Course Planning Worksheet

The next step in the process is for you to begin to fill out your Course Planning Worksheet with courses that you want to take. Required courses in English and Social Studies are already listed. You can place courses such as Physical Education and Fine Arts (9-12) in the grade level that you would like to take these courses. Students should make decisions in their planning according to their post high school plans. Information about college and future pathway requirements are listed in the POS.

  • Alternate Elective Courses

Students will have to list 3 alternate elective courses on their registration cards. These courses are used in case a one term elective course that they originally wanted is not offered or they cannot get a course due to conflict with another course that they have chosen. Students should choose wisely (not just list anything) because we do use these alternate choices in many cases. You can print these alternates on the ALT. line of your Course Planning Worksheet so that you are ready to transfer them onto your final registration card.

  • Course Information

*Students can reference the Table of Contents in the front of the Program of Studies when looking for course descriptions.

*Some courses list recommendations. The recommendation is either a grade level or a class they must have taken, in order to be eligible to take the course. If a class does not have a recommendation listed, it is open to all. We encourage students to read the descriptions of the courses before signing up for them. Often times word of mouth from students who took the course previously can be misleading and should not be the only information they base their decisions on.

Other Information to Review:

  • College & Career Readiness Checklist, NCAA, Post High School Education Options:

This information is for students preparing to continue their education or training beyond high school. Review the minimum recommendations for college preparation.

Academic Options

AVID (9-11): AVID is a college readiness system them prepares students for four year college eligibility. Students learn about their strengths, potential careers, and colleges. The AVID class supports students as they tackle rigorous courses such as Honors, AP and College in the Schools. AVID is a three trimester course with limited seats available to current ninth and tenth grade students. An additional application is required. Pick up the application in the Counseling Office.

Northeast Metro Tech (11-12): Students must fill out a separate application form for this program. Students will circle the N.E.M.T on their registration card and hand in the additional application with registration card. This program takes 2 periods per trimester. Students attend class at Century College many of the hand-on programs explore careers in fields such as: medical, dental, law enforcement, EMT, Construction, Cosmetology, Animal Science, Computer, Child Dev., and Automotive.

Honors Mentor Connection (11-12): This is a learning opportunity for highly motivated students. Students work with a mentor in an academic or industrial environment, due research in a field of study, and create a portfolio.

Post Secondary Enrollment Options (11-12): Students will sign up for 18 classes on their registration card. There will be an information night in January. Students must complete the appropriate paper work, and submit their application by the college deadline. Those accepted to PSEO will change their schedule after they have registered for their college courses.

Business Internship Program (11-12): Provides students with an opportunity to gain occupational experience, explore career areas, through a paid position.

Related Service Occupations Seminar and Internship: Provides students with opportunities to explore, test, and apply skills/knowledge in a variety of classroom and community service experiences.

August Academy (9-12) & Extended Year Courses (10-12): will be offered again this summer. You can sign up for these on your registration card


Ask you counselor about any registration questions that you have.