Advanced Placement

Updated 12 February 2018

2018 AP Testing Notices

  • You must be a WHS student to take any AP Test at Woodbury High School.
  • 2018 AP Tests will be given May 7-11 & May 14-18.
  • If you are in need of 2018 AP accommodation access go to the following website: If you have received an accommodation during a previous year you do not have to apply again. February 23, 2018 is the deadline. Send the completed forms to Assistant Principal Mark Canton. If you receive free or reduced lunch the fee for the AP test can be waived. When registering for the test you must submit the form you received from Nutritional Services. The web address is:
  • Test registration opens in February 2018. Full details are on the AP Test Registration @WHS webpage.
  • Mandatory AP Pre-administration meeting:
  • The mandatory AP Pre-administration will be completed during your 2nd hour class on TBA.
  • If you are absent for the AP Pre-Adminstration session, a make-up session will be announced.
  • At that time, students complete the demographic information on their primary answer sheet.
  •  In order to comply with AP test timing requirements, all Pre-Admin paperwork needs to be completed prior to testing day. The process requires a scripted step by step process with a trained AP staff member, using secure AP items. This IS NOT something the student can do on her/his own and turn in later. If a student does not complete the pre-administration sheet, they will not be able to take the AP tests.

About Advanced Placement @WHS

Woodbury High School, in conjunction with District 833, offers students a variety of rigorous learning opportunities. Advanced Placement courses let students participate in college-level coursework while enrolled in high school. Students can earn college credit, stand out in the college admissions process, gain skills that will help them succeed in college, and broaden their intellectual horizons.

  • Earning college credit through AP
  • AP courses and descriptions Full list of AP courses sponsored by the College Board
    NOTE: The AP Courses offered at WHS are listed in the Program of Studies under the Students menu. WHS offers 19 different AP Tests which correlates to the AP Classes offered. If we do not offer the AP Test you are interested in taking, check with other high schools.

AP Test Information (from the College Board)