AP Test Registration @WHS

Updated 10/10/2017

2018 AP Test Registration

  • 2018 AP Registration Opens: Monday, February 5, 2018
  • Registration: Registration is 100% online this year. See 2018 WHS AP Test Registration Directions (below) for details.
  • SSD: Students with documented disabilities must submit their request for accommodations by February 23, 2018. Supporting documentation should be included with the request. Parents must fill out the information and submit it to Assistant Principal Mark Canton or directly to the College Board. View Testing Accomodations on the College Board website.
  • Test Dates: The AP exams will take place between the dates of May 7 and May 18, 2018. View the complete testing schedule.
  • Testers: Any student may take an AP exam, with or without taking an AP course. However, it is best to take the exam following the AP course, if offered. Students may retake AP exams in subsequent years.
  • Exam Fees: To Be Determened.
  • Refunds: There will be NO REFUNDS if a student registers and then decides not to take the exam.
  • Make-up: There are NO MAKE-UP TESTS for AP testing. Students who cannot make an exam date simply cannot take the exam!
  • Mandatory Pre-test Administration: Mandatory Pre-administration will take place in your classroom or the Lecture Hall on April 23, 25, 26 or 27. You will be notified of the specific day.
  • Download the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents published by the College Board.
  • 2018 AP Registration Closes: Wednesday, Tuesday February 20, 2018.The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for AP test registration and ONLINE PAYMENT is TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20, 2018 at 11:00 p.m.

2018 WHS AP Test Registration Directions

  • EVERYONE must complete AP test registration online.
  • All 2018 AP test registration will be done online through the district’s FeePay system, which is used by the Activities Department and to pay for parking passes.
  • Go to sowashco.feepay.com then select the Activities, Fees, and Passes link. If this is your first time using FeePay you must create an account--view our Pay Activities & Fees Using FeePay webpage for help.
  • Once logged in to your Fee Pay account, search 2018 WHS AP Testing to see a list of AP tests offered at WHS.
  • Add the appropriate class or classes to your cart.
  • PAY ONLINE: Click on the cart and pay by credit card or e-check at check out, then click process OR
  • PAY BY CASH/CHECK: If you absolutely cannot pay with a credit card or e-check, deliver a check or cash in an envelope to Ms. Robb Trebesch in the Accounts Office. Provide the following information on the outside of the payment envelope:

Student’s Name: ______________________________________________________
AP Test (s) registered for: ______________________________________________________
AP Teacher’s Name: ______________________________________________________
Amount in Envelop: ______________________________________________________
Parent’s Name: ______________________________________________________

You MUST complete the AP test registration online EVEN IF you pay by cash/check. Your payment MUST be received by Ms. Robb Trebesch in the Accounts Office by February 20, 2018 at 3:05 p.m. or an AP test WILL NOT be ordered for you. Thanks for your cooperation!