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"Bullying" means intimidating, threatening, abusive, or harming conduct that is objectively offensive and:

  • An actual or perceived imbalance of power exists between the student engaging in the prohibited conduct and the target of the prohibited conduct, and the conduct is repeated or forms a pattern; or
  • Materially and substantially interferes with a student's educational opportunities or performance, or ability to participate in school functions or activities, or receive school benefits, services or privileges.
  • The term, "bullying," specifically includes cyberbullying as defined in policy 514.

Report Bullying

  • A. Any person who believes he or she has been the target or victim of bullying or any person with knowledge or belief of conduct that may constitute bullying or prohibited conduct under this policy shall report the alleged acts immediately to an appropriate school district official designated by this policy (see B in this section). A person may report bullying anonymously. All anonymous reports are investigated, however, the school may not rely solely on an anonymous report to determine discipline or other remedial responses.
  • B. The school district encourages the reporting party or complainant to use the report form available from the principal or supervisor of each building or available in the school district office. Oral and online reports shall be considered complaints as well.
  • Read full Bullying Policy #514


  • First Offense: Principal conference with students; Parent contact; Possible out of school suspension
  • Second Offense: Parent conference; In or out of school suspension
  • Third Offense: Out of school suspension 10 days
  • Fourth Offense: Expulsion/exclusion
  • Safety and Security