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The purpose of this policy is to enhance the education of students by establishing expectations of dress and grooming that are related to educational goals and community standards. It is the policy of Woodbury High School and District 833 to encourage students to be dressed appropriately for school activities and in keeping with community standards.

Dress Expectations

Please note: Building principals will make the final decision on dress code violations including items that are inappropriate for school. If necessary, students will be asked to change their clothing or parents may be notified and asked to come to school to either pick up their student or bring proper attire.

Appropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather.
  • Clothing that does not create a health or safety hazard.
  • Clothing appropriate for the activity (i.e., physical education or the classroom).

Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Clothing that is unacceptable in the standard of dress expected in a school or business environment. Procedures for implementing this policy shall be applied in a non-discriminatory fashion.
  • Clothing bearing a message that is lewd, vulgar, or obscene.
  • Apparel promoting products or activities that are illegal for use by minors.
  • Objectionable emblems, badges, symbols, signs, words, objects or pictures on clothing or jewelry communicating a message that is racist, sexist, or otherwise derogatory to a protected minority group, evidences gang membership or affiliation, or approves, advances or provokes any form of religious, racial or sexual harassment and/or violence against other individuals.
  • Any apparel or footwear that would damage school property.
  • The wearing of hats/caps in the classroom will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Students are expected to remove hats/caps in class if requested by their teacher.
  • It is not the intention of this policy to abridge the rights of students to express political, religious, philosophical, or similar opinions by wearing apparel on which such messages are stated. Such messages are acceptable as long as they are not lewd, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, profane or do not advocate violence or harassment against others.
  • Dress Code