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Emergency Cards/Census Verification: Typically, Emergency Cards are provided yearly to parents so the district can verify student(s) information is current and accurate. The district determined that the best way to ensure accurate information in a timely way is to have parents complete the changes to their family (and children) accounts through the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.

When signed in to the Parent Portal, the subject areas below can be found and clicked on to first verify the information, and second, to make any needed changes to the emergency/census information for your family.

  • Demographics: Updates can be made for student and non-household contacts. Non-household contacts include emergency contacts, doctor, dentist and hospital information.
  • Household Information: Updates can be made for home phone numbers and address change can be requested here. In order for the district to make a change to an address proof of the move is needed.
  • Family Members: Updates can be made for any member of the immediate household here. Examples would be parent cell phone number or email address.

No computer/internet access?

Families without access to a computer can call the district's Student Information Department at 651-425-6236 to be put in contact with our census contact, Tracy Ulik.

No current Parent Portal account?

Families without a parent portal account must request one. Click here and enter the student(s) name, the school the student(s) attend, the student(s) home address and your (the parent/guardian) name.

  • Emergency Cards