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  1. Hazing is against the law and is inconsistent with district educational goals. The district desires to maintain a safe learning environment free from hazing.
  2. No student or staff member shall engage in hazing. This policy against hazing applies to behavior that occurs either on or off school property and at any time of the day.
  3. Hazing includes, but is not limited to:
  • any type of physical brutality such as whipping, beating, striking or shocking;
  • any type of physical activity such as sleep deprivation, exposure to weather, confinement in a restricted area or manner, or calisthenics;
  • any activity involving the consumption of alcohol, drug, or tobacco, or any other substance that may cause harm to health for safety;
  • any activity that threatens the student with ostracism or involves extreme mental stress, shame or humiliation; or
  • any activity that requires the performance of a task that violates law or district policy.
  1. Any person who violates this policy or law will be subject to discipline.
  2. Any person who believes that they are the victim of hazing or who has knowledge of an act of hazing shall report the information immediately to the appropriate school district official. The district will investigate and take appropriate action. It shall further take action against anyone who retaliates against a person who reports, testifies or assists in a proceeding to such hazing.

This is a summary of the School District Student Series Policy 526 (Hazing Prohibition).


  • Safety and Security