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General Locker Information

Each student will be assigned a locker and will be responsible for that locker for the year. Lockers are not to be shared with other students. A locker is a storage place for books, lunches and wraps but not for other property. Lockers should be kept neat and clean and will be inspected from time to time by school administration when deemed necessary. Do not bring large amounts of money or other valuables to school.

The school is not liable for lost or stolen items. Local law enforcement and the Washington County Canine will assist WHS administration in maintaining a chemical free environment.

Locker clean-outs will be conducted by school staff at the end of each school year. Administration will be going through and disposing of all contents.

Safety of Student Belongings

Students should take extra precautions to safeguard their belongings from theft. Expensive items should not be brought to school and stored in the student’s locker. If it is necessary to bring such items to school for a class presentation or program, these items can be securely stored in the main office or upon request, within an area such as a departmental office. Students should never give their locker combination to another student or set the locker lock to open quickly. The school or district is not responsible for the theft or loss of a student’s belongings.


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