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Parking Permit Sales

  • Parking Permit Sales are handled online. Visit to get started.
  • Once purchased online, please see Ms. Daly in the Accounts Office to get your parking permit.
  • View details about parking permits

General Information

Driving a vehicle to school is considered a privilege, not a right. All persons and vehicles on Woodbury High School parking lots must adhere to the policies described in the District 833 Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Parking passes are sold throughout the school year. Parking permits are now available for purchase online SmartSchoolK12.

Woodbury High School expects students who drive to school to:

  • Purchase a parking permit annually
  • Display their WHS parking permit on the vehicle's rear view mirror
  • Know the WHS parking rules
  • Adhere to all WHS parking rules
  • Accept the consequences for violations of the parking rules

Woodbury High School reserves the right to:

  • Search a vehicle
  • Tow away or boot a vehicle
  • Suspend student parking privileges
  • Revoke student parking privileges
  • Modify parking rules at any time

WHS Driving and Parking Policies

Driving a vehicle to school is considered a privilege, not a right. At any time, a student may lose that privilege if administration deems necessary. All persons and vehicles on Woodbury High School (WHS) parking lots are required to adhere to the School Board Policy 527 and the WHS Driving and Parking Policies:


  • Students driving and park on campus at their own risk. Any accident occurs should be reported to the School Administration into Woodbury Police or the School Resource Officer.
  • Independent School District 833 is not responsible for vandalism, injury or theft of items in the school parking lots. Drivers should lock motor vehicles when parked at WHS.


  • Driving another student's vehicle is NOT allowed.
  • Entering and leaving campus is allowed via Woodlane Drive only. Wyndham Way may only be used by district transportation services.
  • The speed limit in the parking lot is 10 mph. Careless or reckless driving is not allowed.
  • All Minnesota motor vehicle laws will be enforced on school property.


  • Staff lots are off-limits to students from 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM on all school days.
  • Student parking on school property is by permit only. Vehicles on school property without a valid and current parking permit may be locked in place with a wheel-boot, subject to towing, and the owner fined.
  • Vehicles must be parked in approved student lots and spaces only (indicated by signs and white lines).
  • Vehicle Searches: All vehicles parked on school property are subject to search. If school officials determine there is a reasonable suspicion that a school regulation, a law has been violated, he/she maybe assisted by law-enforcement officer. Anything in the student's vehicle is understood to belong to that student. Students with contraband and/or inappropriate items in their vehicles may be subject to additional school consequences per district policy.
  • Permits must be displayed on the rear view mirror while parked in the school lot. Permits must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle. Failure to do so is a violation and a ticket may be issued. (Students are recommended to remove the permit from the mirror when driving.)
  • The permit holder is totally responsible for the vehicle in which the permit is hanging and MUST BE either the driver or a passenger in the vehicle. The permit holder is responsible for the behavior of everyone in the car even if he/she is not present.
  • Permits are not transferable and are not to be resold. Permits may not be forged, altered, or tampered with in any way.
  • Students are not allowed to loiter in or around vehicles once they are on school property. Once the vehicle is parked, students must immediately EXIT the vehicle and enter the school building.
  • Students are required to identify themselves and the occupants of their vehicles when requested to do so by school district personnel.
  • Students are not allowed to go to their vehicle in the parking lot during the school day without written administrative permission.
  • If a car is parked in the school lot with a license number other than the numbers listed on the permit application, the car may be ticketed and/or booted.
  • Woodbury Police may assist Woodbury High School Administration in enforcing parking laws on campus and surrounding streets.
  • Handicap Parking is available to students purchasing parking passes. Along with the student parking pass, the student will also need the handicap pass from the state displayed in their vehicle.

Driving/Parking Consequence Matrix

  • Cumulative violations for any parking permit holder may range from a warning to permit revocation.
  • Students must adhere to all SoWashCo Schools and Woodbury High School policies, including the Attendance Policy, Junior/Senior Lunch Policy, and Tobacco Policy.
  • Consequences may include the following:
    • Warning,
    • Parking suspension for days up to trimester,
    • Permit revoked with prorated parking fee refund,
    • Permit revoked without prorated refund,
    • Referral to School Administration,
    • $5 parking fine for each day parked without a permit,
    • Out of school suspension,
    • Immobilizing boot placed on vehicle,
    • Referral to law enforcement,
    • Vehicle towed at owner expense.

Please note that WHS reserves the right to assign violations to student drivers for situations not listed on this website.

Parking Permit Eligibility

  • Parking permit sales start in late August and are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Every student must purchase his or her own parking permit.
  • Students who have not served all detentions from the previous school year cannot purchase a parking permit or park at WHS until all their detentions have been served.
  • Parking permits may be suspended for students who receive detention during the school year and do not serve them by the deadline.
  • Students with outstanding fees for missing or damaged Media or Athletic items must handle the fees before they will be allowed to obtain their parking permit.

How to Purchase a Parking Pass

Students must complete the parking permit application and pay their fee online.

  • Go to SmartSchoolK12 to complete a parking permit application and make your payment.
  • After completing your payment, bring the following to the Accounts Office (second floor) to pick up your parking pass:
    • Online payment receipt,
    • Valid driver's license.
  • Once the school year begins, students may purchase a parking pass when they become eligible to do so. REMEMBER, all students must display a valid parking pass on their vehicle BEFORE PARKING AT WHS!
  • Contact the Accounts/Purchasing Clerk, Ms. Barb Daly, with questions.

A few notes about the parking fees

  • This fee is non-refundable.
  • The free/reduced price should be reflected when parents go to check out and is based on their economic indicator shown in Infinite Campus. There is no further action that is needed from the student/family.
  • The fee schedule will be reviewed prior to the start of each subsequent trimester to determine if any changes are warranted.

Registration is now open & active in SmartSchoolK12. Questions? Contact

Day permits

  • One day permits: $3.00
  • Purchase in Accounts Office (in Attendance Office)
  • Parking