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Back-to-School Fall 2021

Back-to-School Fall 2021

For the remainder of August, we will continue to send out weekly updates as we prepare for school to begin.

Upcoming Dates

August 16: Schedules released
August 19: Royal Return Day 8:30-3:30 -- Pictures, Books, Transcripts, Parking Permits
August 31: First Day of School for 9th grade
September 1: Frist Day of School for grades 10-12

Royal Return Day August 19 8:30-3:30

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 19 to take care of all return to school items, including pictures for students in grades 10-12, pick up textbooks, pick up parking permit, order transcripts if you are a senior, etc. *This day is specifically for students in grades 10-12. 9th grade students will take care of all of these items on their first day of school, August 31.

WHS will officially be open beginning August 16 for students who want a self-guided tour. We will have maps available and it is alright for students and families to walk around the school to acclimate themselves.

Bus Routes

All routing information will be available in Parent Portal at the end of August. Families will receive notice from the SoWashCo Department of Transportation when it is available.

Bus Transportation - Decline 
To help South Washington County Schools’ Transportation Department create efficient school bus routes, students/families that will NOT need or use school bus transportation for this school year (2021-2022) are asked to complete a form.  
If a student(s) will NOT be using school bus transportation this coming school 2021-2022 year (morning, afternoon or both), we are asking you to complete the form in the link below. 
Students and families eligible for transportation who decline bus service may re-establish bus service any time during the school year by contacting the Transportation Office at (651) 425-5303. A change in bus service may take 5-7 days to implement.
Again, this form is for students that are confident no district transportation is needed to and from school for school year 21-22.   Students not using the bus for short durations (athletic seasons, vacation etc) do NOT need to complete the form.  
Request to decline transportation form
If you have any questions, please contact us at or 651-425-5303
Thank you for your cooperation. 

Device Protection Plan

SoWashCo Schools is offering families the option of purchasing a device protection plan to protect district-issued devices from accidental damage from fire, flood, natural disasters, or power surges; and theft (with a filed police report). 

The cost for the optional plan is $20 annually per device. Families who qualify for federal educational benefits, such as free and reduced-price meals, will also be eligible for reduced pricing ($10 annually per device) or free coverage. Families can sign up and pay for the device protection plan through the SmartSchoolK12 website.

Please note that families who waive the device protection plan will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of the device. If you have any issues signing up and paying for the device protection plan, please contact

WHS School Supply List

Woodbury High School does not maintain a list of supplies for students. Since each student has their own unique schedule when they get to the high school it is difficult to create one master supply list that would work for everyone. We ask that each student have a notebook, pen and paper on the first day of school.
Algebra 2 classes and higher: Texas Instrument TI 83, TI 84+ or TI 84CE are the most commonly used graphing calculator. If you are not sure, please contact your student's math teacher.

2021-2022 Back to School Topics

Fall Sports Registration

Registration for Fall Sports opened on July 15.  Please make sure your student has a current MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Form on file--they are good for three years. You can check for your student’s physical form by going under the Health tab of your Parent Portal account. The physical form can be obtained from the WHS Activities website at Physicals can be emailed to Jodi Loeblein-Lecker, faxed to 651.425.4411, or brought into the Activities Office. All physicals should be turned in by Friday, August 13 by 4:00 PM to be able to start morning tryouts and/or practices on Monday, August 16.

Fine Arts Information

Woodbury Royal Theatre will perform Chicago (High School edition) for the fall musical.  September 2, 2021 is the anticipated informational meeting date. Royal Theatre information can be found at  

School Fees

South Washington County Schools utilizes a payment system called SmartSchoolK12. This system is used for processing payments for our school fees (parking, transcripts, clubs, etc.) and competitive activities (soccer, hockey, speech team, etc.).

Directions on how to create your account and add a student to your account are available here.

If you have any issues with the process, please contact Please note that families will continue paying for school meals through their SchoolCafe account.

Parking Permits

Parking permits will be available for purchase online SmartSchoolK12 beginning August 16. A permit for either the priority parking lot or the general parking lot can be purchased for $140 for the entire school year or $50 per subsequent trimester, if the permit is purchased during Trimester 2 or 3.  The free/reduced price for a permit is $70 or $25 per subsequent trimester. The free/reduced price should be reflected when parents checkout in SmartSchoolK12 and is based on their economic indicator shown in Infinite Campus.  Permits for each lot will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Parking information remains posted on the school website throughout the school year for any student who wishes to purchase a permit once school has begun.


Pictures are scheduled for Aug. 19 for students in grades 10-12 and Aug. 31 for all 9th grade students. A make-up day will be held Oct. 5.

Visit for clothing suggestions, online payment details and more.  All ordering, payment, and delivery of photos is made directly with Josten’s. Please feel free to also review the information linked here: WHS Fall Portrait Day 

All students will need to have their picture taken in order for their 2021-2022 WHS student ID to be generated.   

9th grade students do NOT need to have their picture taken on August 19. They will have the opportunity to take their picture on the first day of school during 9th Grade Orientation.

Seniors may have their pictures taken on these dates as well but do not need to have their picture taken--unless they are new this year to WHS--as student IDs for seniors will be issued using a picture on record from last year.  


Student planners will be available to purchase for $5 on August 19.  During the school year, planners will be available in the Accounts Office (in the main Attendance office on the first floor) from Ms. Lulich.

Class Schedules

Beginning August 16, parents and students may access their Woodbury High School Student's 2021-2022 class schedule by logging on to the Campus Parent Portal.  Please be aware that we continue to work on the school's Master Schedule throughout the summer, and while your class selections won't change, the class period and teacher could change as we balance class sizes.  Once you are able to view your schedule, please look for the following details:

  • Check for a complete schedule; 18 courses, 6 each trimester.
  • Check that you have the required courses for your grade level in English and Social Studies.
  • Check that you are not repeating a course you have already taken and passed.
  • Note that a 3rd trimester class (i.e. English, Social Studies, Science, Math) may or may not change class periods from trimester to trimester.  We also attempt to keep students with the same teacher for our core content areas, but it is not always possible due to schedule constraints and/or student elective course selections.

If you would like to request a change to your schedule, please visit the WHS Counseling webpage to complete the online Schedule Change Request form. The form will be available beginning August 16.

Essential schedule change requests that will be considered:

  • “Empty” or "Missing" on your schedule
  • Already had the class
  • Did not take or did not pass the prerequisite
  • Elective changes may be considered on a space available basis
  • Inappropriate academic level

Non-essential schedule change requests will not be considered:

  • Teacher Requests
  • Lunch Requests
  • To have the same class as your friend

Counselors are not able to see students individually about schedule changes. The last day to make a schedule change request is Monday, August 23. Please plan accordingly.

Seniors: If you are considering senior study, student aide, AP study hall or independent study, please stop by the counseling office for a form or go to our website.

Textbook Pick-Up

Our summer back-to-school procedures include picking up textbooks.  Students should plan to bring their class schedule to school on August 19 and report to the Media Center to check out any needed textbooks for the year.  We are hopeful this additional opportunity to pick up books in the summer will reduce time out of class during the first weeks of school for our students. 9th grade students do NOT need to pick up their textbooks on August 19. They will have the opportunity to get books on the first day of school during 9th Grade Orientation.


We will be assisting Seniors only in ordering their Official Transcripts through Naviance.  Students will pay $5 for one transcript or $15 for unlimited transcripts, which can be paid online through SmartSchoolK12, or in the Counseling Office (payable to Woodbury High School). The transcripts will be sent to your college(s) electronically through Naviance. Seniors can pay for this service if needed by check on August 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Counseling Office.  Once school begins in September, counselors will be reviewing with seniors the college application process, including how to order transcripts.

9th Grade Orientation

Orientation for all 9th grade students is on Tuesday, August 31 from 8:30 AM to 3:06 PM at Woodbury High School.  This is the official first day of school for incoming 9th grade students. All students in grades 10-12 will begin school on Wednesday, September 1.

Orientation will begin at 8:30 AM in the Main Gym.  We'll be working together in large and small group activities where students will meet their Link Crew Leaders and each other.  It is also a great opportunity to meet building administration, counselors, and other key personnel, as well as learn more about school culture and procedures.   Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to have some fun!  Lunch will be available for all students in the cafeteria.  After lunch, students will receive their schedules and run through a mock schedule which will allow them to find their classes, meet their teachers, determine their lunch period (A, B, or C lunch), locate their locker, and try their combination.  Students will also be able to check out any needed textbooks for the upcoming school year, will receive their chromebook and charger, and will take their school pictures.  Link crew leaders and staff will be on hand to assist with all activities and to lead tours and/or help locate classrooms. 

9th Grade Counseling Meetings

All 9th grade students and their parents/guardians are invited to come meet your Woodbury High School counselor this summer!  As a Counseling Department, we are excited to offer these meetings because we want to get to know our students right away.  It is our intention that you will have the same counselor for the next four years. The sooner we can get to know each other, the more we can assist you throughout your high school years.

9th grade students and parents/guardians are encouraged to come in for a 15-minute appointment to meet with the student’s counselor in August. Your counselor is assigned according to your last name.
During this appointment we will review your 9th grade schedule, get to know each other, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Our online counseling appointment registration is simple and uses website. Please click on the appropriate link below to sign up for your appointment based upon your last name!
Merry Holden (A-Co): A-Co A-Co 9th Grade Meetings
Jeri Olson Eddicus (Cr-Ha): Cr-Ha 9th Grade Meetings
Ethan Young (He-Li): He-Li 9th Grade Meetings
Kathy Dornfeld (Lo-Pa): Lo-Pa 9th Grade Meetings
Louise Hecht (Pe-St): Pe-St 9th Grade Meetings
Ker Thao (Su-Z): Su-Z 9th Grade Meetings

2020-2021 VLA 10th Graders

Current 10th grade students who were VLA throughout their 9th grade year are invited to come to WHS from 12:00-3:00 PM on Tuesday, August 31 to help with the transition back to school. Unfortunately, there will not be transportation provided at noon, but all students will be able to take their regular school bus route home. We will begin with a welcome and school tour, followed by a mock schedule which will allow them to find their classes, meet their teachers, and determine their lunch period (A, B, or C lunch). All 10th grade students are still encouraged to come to school on August 19 to pick up their textbooks, take their school picture, find their locker, etc. Additional upperclassmen will be on hand August 19, as well as school staff to assist students.

New Student Orientation (grades 10-12)

Students who are in grades 10-12 that are new to Woodbury High School are also invited to come to WHS from 12:00-3:00 PM on Tuesday, August 31. Unfortunately, there will not be transportation provided at noon, but all students will be able to take their regular school bus route home. We will begin with a welcome and school tour, followed by a mock schedule which will allow students to find their classes, meet their teachers, and determine their lunch period (A, B, or C lunch). All students are still encouraged to come to school on August 19 to pick up their textbooks, take their school picture, find their locker, etc. Additional students will be on hand August 19, as well as school staff to assist new students.

Meet the Case Manager Event 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 from 3:30-7:00 PM in WHS Media Center. The Woodbury High School Special Education Department would like to invite you to Meet the Case Manager Night.  This special event is for students who have an IEP. The purpose of this time is for parents and students to stop in and have a short conference with your student’s case manager.  We will also use this time to review your student’s IEP to ensure it accurately reflects service time for the 2021-2022 school year.  This will take approximately 10 minutes.  If a longer meeting time is needed, an appointment with the case manager can be scheduled on a different day.
Students will be able to find out who their case manager is by viewing their class schedule on Parent Portal beginning August 16.   

2021 Yearbooks

Yearbooks will be available on Thursday, August 19 from 8:30-3:30 at the South Entrance. There will be a limited number for sale for $70. 

Open House

Woodbury High School invites you to attend Open House Thursday, September 9, 2021 from 6:00-8:00 PM.  Open House begins with a welcome in the auditorium at 6:00 PM followed by a bell schedule to follow your student’s schedule and meet teachers. Please prepare for Open House by accessing your student’s schedule on Parent Portal.  If you do not yet have a Parent Portal account, please email to request an account; enter your student's name, the school your student attends, and your student's home address.  "Requester" = parent's name