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I am honored to serve as principal of Woodbury High School.

Courage, Dream, Grow, Peace, Love, Believe. This is my hope for you, students of Woodbury High School. My wish for you is to have courage. Courage while in high school to try new things, to branch out to make new friends, to try a difficult class, to fail and try again. To dream of things possible. To know that there is life beyond high school that is beautiful, and difficult, that will stretch you in new ways you never thought possible. That you continue to grow. To learn, and change, and explore. To believe that you can change the world. You can make an impact just by being who you are. To be at peace with yourself, even in the midst of yuck and struggle, to be grounded in who you are and where you come from. To love another person, to love yourself, to love each other and take care of each other. To believe in the good in this world. And always, to remember you are loved.Sarah Sorenson-Wagner

WHS Administrative Team

Photo of 5 WHS administrators


Sarah Sorenson-Wagner

Mark Canton
Assistant Principal (A-Ha)

Elicia Buzinec
Assistant Principal (He-Pa)

Aaron Pozzini
Assistant Principal (Pe-Z)

Jodi Loeblein-Lecker
Activities Director

Scott Stein
Special Ed Coordinator

Al Harris
Student Support Dean