Plagiarism-Student Cheating

Academic Dishonesty includes cheating, fraud, and plagiarism, the theft of ideas and other forms of intellectual property, whether they are published or not. Cheating and plagiarism are extremely serious matters. Even the suspicion of cheating or plagiarizing has jeopardized student status. The following material defines cheating and plagiarism at Woodbury High School and is based on material from Florida Institute of Technology.


Cheating is any deceitful or fraudulent attempt to evade rules, standards, and practices to gain an unfair advantage or to protect someone who has done so. Cheating includes but is not limited to:

  • Giving or receiving information during an exam, test, assignment or quiz.
  • Using unauthorized materials, like notes, during and exam, or unauthorized dissemination or receipt of exams, exam materials or answer keys.
  • Taking an exam or writing an assignment or doing a project for another student.
  • Submitting the same paper, or different versions of the same paper, in more than one class without the permission of the instructor.
  • Fabricating or misrepresenting research or sources or helping another student to commit an act of academic dishonesty or lying to protect a student who has committed one.
  • Creating an oral presentation for another student without the permission of the instructor
  • Recreating existing art work and submitting it as your own.

What are the penalties for cheating? The penalties for cheating depend on the severity of the infraction. Consequences may include disciplinary referal, detention, suspension, administrative conference, reassignment of work/test and/or reduction of points.


Plagiarism is the use of another writer's words or ideas without acknowledging the source. In Writing with Sources, plagiarism means passing off a source's information, ideas, or words as your own by omitting to cite them. It is theft of intellectual property belonging to another.

What are the penalties for plagiarism? The penalties for plagiarism depend on the severity of the infraction. Students are encouraged to cite all work as using material without any attribution, citation acknowledgement and/or without quotation marks is plagiarism.