AF JROTC Aerospace Science

The objectives of the Aerospace Science (AFJROTC) program at Woodbury High School is to acquaint secondary school students with the aerospace age; to develop informed citizens; to promote an understanding of the cadet as a citizen in a democratic society; and, to actively involve each student in the learning process.

Instructors for the AFJROTC program are furnished by the Air Force and selected by the school district. They are retired Air Force personnel who have been certified by the Air Force and hired by the school district to provide the AFJROTC instruction. One instructor is a retired officer and the other is a retired non-commissioned officer. The instructors are members of the school faculty who enforce the policies and regulations of the school.

The curriculum is divided into five distinct themes: aviation history, principles of flight, space, leadership, and physical fitness. Each year a different core topic is emphasized with leadership and physical fitness taught every year. Generally, two days a week are devoted to the core curriculum area, two days to leadership, and one day to physical fitness.

Woodbury High School offers Aerospace Science (AFJROTC) as an elective course granting one academic credit for each term of successful completion. Students enroll in Aerospace Science as they do for other courses.