AF JROTC History

Woodbury High School was the first Minnesota school to activate an AFJROTC unit in 1989. We received the designation MN-891st. Although funded in fiscal year 1989, we received our activiation orders on January 9, 1990. Before WHS started its AFJROTC unit, Woodbury students who wanted to participate in this program were transported to Park High School in Cottage Grove for class.

The First Senior Aerospace Science Instructor was Lt. Colonel Herbert D. Japs and the Aerospace Science Instructor was SMSgt. Joseph Gall. Sgt Gall left in 1996 and was replaced by MSgt Andy Weinstock. Sgt Weinstock resigned in 1998 and Sgt Gall returned for one year (1998–1999). CMSgt Dave Quesenberry was chosen to become the new and current Aerospace Science Instructor in 1999. Chief Quesenberry left AFJROTC before the start of the 2002-2003 school year. MSgt Mark Johnson later replaced Chief Quesenberry's position as the new aerospace instructor.

C/Lt Col Jackie Anderson is the current commander. Previous Cadet Corps Commanders have been:

  • C/Lt Col Christopher Erickson
  • C/Maj Joel Kuehn
  • C/Maj Michael Scanlan
  • C/Lt Col Michael Radway
  • C/Maj Eric McGarrah
  • C/Maj Christopher Wells
  • C/Lt Col A.J. Smith
  • C/Lt Col Jacob Aldean
  • C/Lt Col Sarah L. Blackburn
  • C/Lt Col Michael Thoms
  • C/Lt Col Joseph Gardner
  • C/Lt Col Patrick Gruber
  • C/Lt Col Ryan Dannenberg
  • C/Lt Col Curtis Ash
  • C/Lt Col Jim Zagaria
  • C/Capt Mark Braun
  • C/1st Lt Jamie Dorn
  • C/Maj Erin Peterfeso
  • C/Maj Paul Blume
  • C/Lt Col John Matthews
  • C/Lt Col Nick Katz
  • C/Lt Col Austin Murphy
  • C/Lt Col Tony Post
  • C/Lt Col Nicole Stenstad
  • C/Lt Col Kimleng Vay
  • C/Lt Col Charles Bloemendal
  • C/LtCol Wood
  • C/Lt Col. Klehr
  • C/Lt Col Megan Jacquart
  • C/Lt Col Marlon Roque
  • C/Lt Col Adil Saeed
  • C/Maj Chris Nelson
  • C/Maj Chris Nelson