Air Force Junior ROTC instructors and cadets

  • The Air Force Junior ROTC instructors and cadets of Woodbury High School earned an overall unit assessment score of “Exceeds Standards”….the highest rating attainable during their rated unit evaluation on March 7, 2016. Major Thom Petzold and Master Sergeant Kathy Cotto have created a dynamic and supportive learning environment coupled with excellent community outreach. The instructors provide outstanding leadership in administering Woodbury High School's cadet centered citizenship program. The Woodbury High School cadets performed exceptionally well and took great pride in leading and accomplishing their unit goals. Woodbury High School is proud of our Air Force Junior ROTC citizenship program for making a positive impact on the cadets, the school and community.

AFJROTC cadets

  • The AFJROTC cadets visited the 133rd Air Lift Wing at the Minnesota Air National Guard (ANG) base on December 8. The highlight of the trip was a ride in one of the unit's C-130 cargo planes. It was a wonderful day for a flight and a great way to witness their "curriculum in action." This year's AFJROTC topic is the Science of Flight, so it was great for the cadets to be able to interact with the flight crew and talk about flight, the plane, and its mission. While flying to Grand Marais and back, all the cadets had an opportunity to s

Spend time in the cockpit with the pilots. Two cadets, who've never flown on a plane before, were allowed to sit in the cockpit for takeoff and landing!