AF JRTC Benefits

Cadets who are active in the learning process and who develop self-discipline and self-reliance will stand to gain significant benefit from the AFJROTC program. In addition to having better control of themselves and gaining a clearer understanding of the world about them, cadets can also benefit from the following:

  • Active cadets are eligible for several academic, leadership and service awards with AFJROTC. These awards are ribbons that are worn on the uniform and readily seen by others as evidence of achievement.
  • Cadets who work up to their ability and work hard can earn promotion in cadet rank. This is particularly significant within the cadet corps, as it distinguishes the hard working cadet from those not as active or who have not been in AFJROTC.
  • Cadets are able to earn higher leadership positions in the flight and squadron organization. This will provide valuable experience at managing and working with others.
  • One elective course credit toward graduation is given for each semester of AFJROTC successfully completed.
  • An Air Force Certificate of Training is given for successful completion of two years of AFJROTC. In addition, if a cadet should choose to enlist into one of the branches of the military, the leadership education and overall experience will make basic training and the transition into the military life style easier.
  • A Certificate of Completion is given for successful completion of three or four years of AFJROTC. This certificate should enable a cadet who chooses to enlist in a branch of the armed services advanced rank. The higher rank includes higher pay and added responsibility.
  • Participation in the AFJROTC program will enhance the opportunity to gain an Air Force ROTC Scholarship. Four and three year scholarships are available and will provide all/some fees, tuition, and books while in scholarship status. A monthly tax free allowance is also provided to the schol
  • Cadets desiring to enlist in the Air Force may be eligible for the Congressman Hebert Advance Placement Program. The Aerospace Science Instructor may recommend two deserving cadets each year. The program guarantees the enlistee the choice of career field and base of assignment upon completion.