Physical Education Policies


Each student is expected to have the following physical education clothes: shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt (no tank tops), sweatshirt (all mustbe white, gray, black or blue with no writing except school logo), athletic shoes (court or cross-training shoes are recommended, non-marking sole, must tie), and socks. Shoes must be tied. Not being dressed for class will result in no participation points for the class period. In accordance with school policy, no hats may be worn in class. For safety reasons, no jewelry should be worn.


Physical education is a course which requires direct and active student involvement. Students who refuse to participate in designated individual or group activities without a valid exemption will be required to make up the time in the Physical Education Department.Students are expected to be in the locker room when the bell rings and at their class meeting area within five minutes after the bell.

Health/injury Exemption from Participation

When a student cannot participate in physical education activities for health or physical injury related reasons, a note from a health care provider must be provided to the school nurse. The nurse will issue an exemption pass for the class to be given to the physical education teacher. There will be an alternate assignment given by the teacher, or an opportunity to make up the missed class period once medical restrictions are lifted.

Lockers & Locks

All locks are to be removed at the end of each trimester. It is the student's responsibility to remove clothes and personal items before lockers are cleared. Contents left in lockers will removed/discarded, personal locks will be cut off, and lease locks will be confiscated with cash deposit forfeited.