Updated 28 October 2019

South Washington County Schools welcomes and appreciates volunteers. We do require all volunteers to complete a volunteer application. As per School Board policy, criminal background checks will be required of volunteers in specified assignments such as field trips, athletic, or academic coaching and any non-staff supervised activity.

New process for school volunteers starting October 28

Starting on October 28, there will be a new process for volunteers at District 833 schools. Volunteers will be required to apply through an online application to create their district profile. (See below if you have had a background check in the past two years)

In the application, volunteers who serve as academic or athletic coaches, chaperones on field trips or serve in a capacity where they will be alone with students will be able to complete background checks. The new process also requires those volunteers to renew their background checks every two years.

Volunteers who have had a background check through District 833 in the past two years will have until September 1, 2021 to get a new background check. However, due to security requirements for the new system, you will need to fill out this short form to transfer your information to the new system. If you have questions or are not sure if you have had a background check in the past two years contact Jessica Johnson, Youth Development & Volunteer Management Coordinator at jjohnson21@sowashco.org or 651-425-6630.

The background check will cost $5, which will be paid online. Anyone who does not have access to a computer, or needs to pay in a different way should contact Jessica Johnson.

More information, including frequently asked questions, about the new volunteer process is available on the district website at www.sowashco.org > Parents > Volunteers.