What is ROAR Time? (Royal Opportunities for Academic Readiness)

ROAR stands for Royal Opportunities for Academic Readiness. ROAR Time is a 35 minute support period designed to meet the academic needs of students during the school day. During this time, students will receive academic support, participate in relearning, make up labs or quizzes, study quietly, or collaborate with classmates on group projects. View ROAR Time video for more information.

When is ROAR Time?

ROAR time is a 35 minute period every Wednesday between 2nd and 3rd period. View the Wednesday ROAR Time bell schedule.

Why did WHS add ROAR Time to the daily schedule?

ROAR Time has been developed with the idea that focused academic support time will:

  • Strengthen connections and access between students and teachers
  • Increase academic support and homework time
  • Allow students to re-learn and master learning standards
  • Meet the needs of students working, participating in extracurricular activities, or who may be unable to meet with teachers after school
  • Allow students to achieve and strive for post-secondary readiness

How do students know where to attend during ROAR Time?

Students will either be assigned to a teacher or self-select to an area.

  • Assigned: Teachers will request students that may need reteaching or assistance in making up missing work. Students will receive an email if they are requested by a teacher. Attendance is required. Students should make it a habit to check their email every Tuesday.
  • Self-select: If a student is not assigned to a teacher, they will select where and what to work on during ROAR Time. Students self-selecting may chose from one of locations below, each area offered on a first come, first serve basis:
    • Media Center/Computer Lab (quiet Study Area only)
    • Cafeteria (food service will not be available)
    • Cafeteria Overflow
    • Activity Center (physical activities not allowed)
    • Preferred Teacher classroom (with the teacher's permission)
  • Seminar: Throughout the school year teachers may offer seminars, such as writing workshops, to prepare for upcoming quizzes or tests, or to review for AP exams. Students will be invited to seminars via email but these sessions are optional, students may choose to attend or self-select to an alternative study area.

What are student expectations during ROAR Time?

  • ROAR Time is an academic time. Students are to be working on academic material: completing assignments, studying (individual or in small groups), making up quizzes, or participating in relearning.
  • Student must arrive to their assigned or self-selected area on time and remain in that area for the entire ROAR Time period.
  • Students may only attend classes for their current teachers.
  • Student will engage in positive relationships, demonstrate respect for self and others, take personal responsibility for academic success, engage in ethical decision making, and use their time wisely.