Playschool FAQs

Mrs Schram

Updated 2 October 2019

A Letter from WHS Little People's Palace Playschool

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you again for your interest in the WHS Little People’s Palace Playschool! Below are a few reminders and expectations for the playschool. Remember that this schedule is always tentative and may be subject to change in case of inclement weather, or unforeseen schedule conflicts.

The first trimester LPP Playschool will run:

  • October 1 to November 14 (First Trimester)
  • January 14-February 20 (Second Trimester), and
  • Please indicate on the application form the trimester(s) for which you are interested in signing up your child!

Please make sure to keep this for reference in the future. If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to contact me (e-mail is preferred, if possible). Playschool will run from 9:40-11:25 a.m. on Tuesdays/Thursdays for the first and second trimester. The preschool fee will be $45 for the 1st and 2nd trimester and can be paid before OR on the first day. There will be an adjusted fee for the 3rd trimester, and that is TBD. The fee of $45 and can be paid by check (made out to WHS or WHS Playschool) or by cash. More information is below.

Thank you!

Mrs. Sarah Schram
WHS Little People’s Palace Playschool
Phone: 651.425.5484

Reminders & FAQ’s

Who is Mrs. Schram and what is her background?
Welcome! I am Sarah Schram, and run the WHS Playschool program in conjunction with my child care classes at Woodbury High School. I graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education with Child Care Services certification, and minors in Music and Biology. This is my first year at WHS, but I ran the same type of Playschool program with my high school students when I taught in Milwaukee two years ago! I have had many other jobs working with children throughout my life including as a special needs care nanny. Besides the child care courses, this school year I will also be teaching Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Living on Your Own. When I am not busy at school, I am enjoying time with my husband and looking after our two young and playful kitties Evee and Mia. I’m looking forward to a great year with the WHS Little People’s Palace Playschool! kids on globe

What are the first day procedures?
Park in the back parking lot closest to Door 39. My students will escort you to our classroom (room 117). Once in our playschool classroom, your child will be given a name tag and shown to their coat hook to hang their backpack. We will start with informal play time where the preschoolers will be introduced to their surroundings and their Big Buddies. Once the excitement of meeting each other and getting to know their surroundings has quieted down, the activities prepared by the students for the day will begin!

What is the routine after the first day for drop-off and pick-up?
The first day you are welcome to check out our classroom. You may stay the whole time or you may choose to leave after your son/daughter is adjusted. If you leave, we will meet you at the Door 39 entrance at 11:25. After the first day, we will meet you for both drop-off and pick-up at those doors. You are welcome stay in the djoining classroom after the first day, but I ask that you let your child get used to the routine of being on their own in the Playschool classroom.

What should I have my child bring along to school with them?
I ask that you provide a bag/backpack for the child to bring to school. In this bag they should have an entire change of clothes with his/her name on the tags. Please do not have children bring toys or food from home--if they need to, the items must remain in their backpacks during the entire Playschool day. We will send home artwork or anything they make in Playschool in their bags/backpacks.

What is the fee and when is it due?
This is not due until the first day of school; although it is appreciated if you are able to send it or drop it off ahead of time. The fee is $45 and can be paid in check (made out to WHS Playschool or just WHS) or cash. You will be given a receipt. This fee is to go towards classroom equipment and supplies and is good for the whole trimester. This program is not funded by the school district.

Do I need to bring a snack for my child?
We will not provide snacks during our sessions as we only have them for a short time. If you would like to give your child their own snack, please let me know. This way I can tell your child’s Big Buddy to expect to arrange a time between activities to sit together while your child takes a break to eat.

My child’s birthday happens to fall around the time the preschool runs; can I bring something in to help celebrate?
We ask that you do not bring any food for other children in the preschool unless discussed ahead of time due to allergies and dietary restrictions. It is not necessary to bring in a special snack. However, we will make a note of all the birthdays and have a special surprise if your child’s birthday falls on a Playschool day!

What will the daily routine be for my child at Playschool?
Playschool operates from 9:40-11:25 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays during 1st Trimester and 2nd Trimester.

First class:

  • 9:40 — Playtime w/ Big Buddies
  • 9:50—circle time (greetings, storytime or letters/numbers of the day/introduce theme)
  • 10:00—Music and Movement Activity
  • 10:15—Process OR Product Based Art Activity

Second class:

  • 10:40—Playtime w/ Big Buddies
  • 10:50— Large Motor Game/Activity
  • 11:05—Science/Sensory Learning
  • 11:22—get ready to depart and meet parents at Door 39 by 11:25

**Schedule is subject to change and is only an estimate**

What happens if I am late picking up my child?
Please pick-up your child promptly at 11:25 a.m. as I need to eat lunch before the next class I teach. If you are running late, I will be with your child in the Playschool room, located within my classroom Room 117.

What if I am late dropping off my child?
Email me and I will send a student to come meet you at Door 39 (it’s locked from the outside). Otherwise you can park in the main entrance visitors parking, come in the main entrance, check-in with the main office and let them know you are with the preschool program. Please walk your child down to our classroom (room 117) and join us. If your child is not here by the end of our first circle time, I will try to contact home, if possible.

What if my child is sick or will not be able to attend a certain date?
If your child is sick, please have him/her stay home. Please email me or call if you know that they will not be present, so I can adjust student teachers accordingly.

****NOTE: Please let me know if your child won’t be at Playschool for the day. Our students are completing a teaching portfolio that requires their one on one interaction with an assigned child, with whom they build a rapport. If you can let me know ahead of time if your child will miss a day, it will help my students immensely as they work on preparing their portfolios. Thank you!Learning is fun

I would like my child to join the WHS Playschool next year as well. How do I do I sign them up?
Let me know so I can write this down. The program is run on a first-come, first-serve basis, but children who are in the program this year have first priority to continue next year.

What should I expect for parent communication?
Every day your preschooler should come home with a “daily happenings” sheet of paper. This sheet will list our theme or topic we learned that day as well as art projects, books, songs, or activities we did throughout our day. I will occasionally send home additional parent letters that I will attach to this sheet too.

What if there is bad weather, a “snow day”, or Mrs. Schram is sick?
If Woodbury High School is closed, the preschool will not be open either. If there is bad weather anticipated and you think we might be closed please check with local television, or radio stations or the District 833 website. If we are still open but you do not feel it is safe to drive, please use your best judgment if you believe it would be safe for you to come or not. Please let me know if you will not be arriving and there is still school. If school is closed, there is no need to call or email. If I am sick, either I will send you an email or the school will try to contact you as quickly as possible via the home phone number given on your application. If there is a different number you wish for us to contact for this, please let me know.

What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. Email is usually easiest and faster for me, since I am able to access this from home. I also travel to other classrooms to teach throughout the day, so I do not always see messages until later in the day. If you do leave a voicemail I will try to get back to you as soon as possible though. See you soon!

Mrs. Sarah Schram
WHS Little People’s Palace Playschool
Phone: 651.425.5484