CCC-Northeast Metro 916

Updated 21 August 2020

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is N.E.M.T. - 916?

Northeast Metro Career & Technical Center is located on the Century College campus. There are eleven school districts which are part of the N.E.M.T. Consortium, which includes South Washington County. The 916 courses focus on providing a quality, hands-on education in a safe environment while developing skills beyond high school.

Who is eligible for 916 courses?

Students who are either juniors or seniors may be eligible for 916 courses. However, students need to make sure they are addressing their required courses for graduation before they can participate in 916 courses. It is advised that students consult with their counselor to see if they can work the 916 courses into their schedule.

What courses are offered at 916?

Visit the 916 website to find a list of current courses:

What is the time commitment for 916 courses?

Students from Woodbury High School participate in the second time block at 916, which covers periods two and three at WHS. Certain programs require a full year commitment-please refer to the registration guide for this information.

Do students earn college credits while attending 916 classes?

In the registration guide, under each course description it will indicate whether or not students can earn college credits in taking that course. More than 100 college courses at 12 colleges are articulated through the 916 courses. To find out which colleges grant college credits, visit Search for career articulation.

Parent Portal

WHS highly recommends that parents monitor 916 student progress!

Instructors use a grade book that allows parents to view their student's grades, schedule and attendance through the Parent Portal.

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  • Select Career and Tech Center (Schools menu)
  • Select Parent Portal (Quick Links menu)