Student Absence

You must contact the attendance office to inform WHS anytime your student will be absent from school. Absences are designated as excused or unexcused (see the definitions on the right for a complete explanation). For all attendance issues, contact the Attendance Office.

Attendance Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Call the main WHS phone number 651.425.4400 and press the number 1.

  • Press the number 1 for last names beginning with A-Le
  • Press the number 2 for last names beginning with Li-Z

For illness or an excused absence/tardy

WHS requires the information listed below when you call to notify us the reason for your student's absence/tardiness. Please contact us each day that your student is absent/tardy.

  1. Your student's full name - Please spell the last name if it's not common,
  2. Your student's grade,
  3. The reason for your student's absence/tardiness,
  4. Your name (ONLY a parent or guardian can excuse a student,
  5. Your phone number where we can reach you during the school day.

Obtaining a Permit To Leave (PTL) school early

You may send a note to school with your student or call to request that WHS issue a Permit To Leave (PTL) for your student to leave school grounds during the school day. See the Student Handbook for acceptable reasons. Please provide the following information.

  1. Your student's full name; please spell the last name if it's not common,
  2. Your student's grade,
  3. The reason for your student's absence/tardiness,
  4. Your name (ONLYa parent or guardiancan excuse a student),
  5. Your phone number where we can reach you during the school day.

NOTE: Woodbury High School has an open lunch lunch policy for seniors that allows them to leave the building/campus during their lunch period. Any senior who does not return on time from lunch will be marked tardy or unexcused. All underclassmen must remain in the building during lunch.

Before leaving school, your student must:

  1. Your student will need to pick up their Permit To Leave (PTL) from the attendance office between classes or at lunch. We will stamp their pass so they won't be marked tardy when they return to class. We will not deliver a PTL unless it is an emergency. Please give the attendance office enough time before the time of the appointment to process the pass.
  2. Your student will need to sign-out in the attendance office before leaving the building. Parents can wait for their students at the main entrance (door 2 on the north side of the building) if they sent a note or called to request a PTL.
  3. If you are picking your student up and they have their PTL, you may wait outside the main entrance of the school. Students are able to drive themselves only if they have a parking permit.

Returning to Class after an Absence

Students should return directly to class upon their return to school. If a parent/guardian has excused your absence, your teacher will admit you to class. If your absence does not show as excused on the computer, your teacher will send you to the attendance office for an admit. If we are unable to reach a parent to verify the reason for your absence, it will remain classified as unexcused. It is then up to you to get it cleared up within 3 days or it will remain unexcused and may affect your truancy status with Washington County.

Make-up Time for excused absences

Students who return from excused absences shall be given 2 school days per day absent to make up missed work.

Pre-Arranged Absences

Notice of family trips/vacations or other parent/guardian directed activities that has been given to the secondary school attendance office by the parent and approved by an administrator two weeks prior to the student's absence.

Consequences for Unexcused Absences

When a student's absence from class is unexcused, detention will be assigned by the Attendance Office or Administration. Students must serve 2 detentions for each class period where an unexcused absence occurs, not to exceed a total of 6 detentions assigned for the day.

Students have up to 5 school days to complete their detention(s). Failure to complete assigned detentions within 5 school days may result in the student being suspended from school.

We encourage parents/guardians to frequently check their student's attendance using the "parent portal" of Infinite Campus.


If a student is absent without a lawful excuse on three or more days or any part of the school day, they are considered a continuing truant. When a student has three unexcused absences, WHS will notify the student's parent or legal guardian by first class mail or other reasonable means that the child is truant; that the parent or guardian is obligated to compel the attendance of the child at school pursuant to Minnesota Statute and if the parent or guardian fails to meet this obligation, that they may be subject to prosecution under Minnesota Statute 120A.34.

A habitual truant is a child who is absent without lawful excuse for one or more class periods on seven school days. At this point, the school will notify the Washington County Attorney's Office and the student and parent will be required to meet with school administration to create an Attendance Contract. If the student continues to be truant, the student may be petitioned to court, as well as face additional school penalties.

    Information published on this page is for the convenience of our WHS families. Find the full Attendance Policy in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook that is publshed annually by the district. The attendance policy is posted on the district's website under the About District 833 menu > District Policies > 500 Students > 503 Student Attendance.

    In case of any conflict between the information published on this page and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook policy shall control.


    Excused absences

    A) parent/doctor verified illness,

    B) family emergencies,

    C) medical/dental appointments,

    D) religious instruction/holiday,

    E) school directed activities,

    F) pre-arranged family vacations,

    G) suspension.

    Unexcused absences

    A) car trouble,

    B) overslept,

    C) shopping,

    D) needed at home,

    E) family vacation that was not prearranged,

    F) leaving school during the regular school day without principal approval,

    G) babysitting,

    H) missed bus,

    I) work,

    J) alarm didn't work,

    K) no call or note from parent or guardian verifying the absence.

    H) Any student who leaves the WHS campus without a PTL from the office will be marked with an unexcused absence for the time they are gone.

    Continuing Truant

    A student who is absent without a lawful excuse on three or more days or any part of the school day.

    Habitual Truant

    A student under age 16 who is absent without a lawful excuse on 1 or more periods on 7 school days.

    A student age 16 or 17 who is absent without a lawful excuse on 1 or more periods on 7 school days and who has not lawfully withdrawn from school.