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Woodbury High School Volunteering

Periodically, we have a need for parent volunteers and would like to generate a data-base of parents who might be interested in volunteering at WHS. When a need arises, we will notify parents who have indicated an interest.

Please complete the form below to be included in our Parent Volunteer network. You can opt out at anytime.

Parent Volunteer Network Form

SoWashCo Schools Volunteering Process

Without volunteers, our student achievement and student opportunities would not be what they are today.

SoWashCo Schools prides itself on the wealth of involvement from parents and community members. 

Volunteers at SoWashCo Schools:

  • Enrich and enhance student learning.
  • Enable teachers to offer more individual attention to their students.
  • Provide individuals and opportunity to participate in a variety of activities within the school.
  • Promote and strengthen the partnership between families, community and the school.

Please review the Volunteer Handbook before applying.


Important Information Before You Visit

  • All visitors and volunteers are required to:
    • check in through the visitor management system (Raptor Technologies)
    • wear the provided badge so it is visible to everyone while in the school or on school grounds
    • sign out and return badge when leaving the building
  • Visitors are not allowed to take pictures, record or film while at the school. Use of cell phones is strongly discouraged for safety and privacy. 
  • All visitors are required to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Acknowledgement Form.


Community Education


Lunch with a Student

  • All visitors must follow SoWashCo Schools Visitor and Volunteer Handbook which includes; checking in, wearing a badge, signing a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Acknowledgement Form and signing out when leaving. Please review the Volunteer Handbook before your visit.
  • Each school will determine the number of lunchtime visitors allowed based on space, safety and schedules
  • Lunchroom visitors are not allowed during the first three weeks of school and the last week of school. 
  • Adults that wish to have lunch with their student at school must sign up for the visit no later than the day prior and agree to the expectations embedded in the sign up. 
  • Visitors will eat in the designated guest space with their student. The guest space is a separate area from the lunchroom. 
  • No friends or additional students will be permitted to join the guest space. 
  • Visitors may not visit during recess time.
  • Visitors must leave immediately at the conclusion of lunch time.
  • Visitors are encouraged to purchase a school lunch. Outside food may only be shared with the student(s) they are approved to visit.
Student Eating Lunch

The Volunteer Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions