Parent Resources

The issue of online safety and the concept of digital citizenship have become increasingly important in the world that students live in today. District 833 aims to provide students and parents with the awareness of the issues that can arise online and through social media, and to give them the tools needed to act safely and smartly online.

The following Family Tip Sheets are developed by Common Sense Media. We encourage you to review these tip sheets and engage in discussion with your student to address important topics and have meaningful conversations about making great choices in their digital lives. For additional resources, please feel free to visit

Family Tip Sheets

Common Sense on Boys, Girls, and Media Messages

Common Sense on Cyberbullying

Common Sense on Digital Life

Common Sense on Digital Relationships

Common Sense on Online Security

Common Sense on Online Self-Expression

Common Sense on Plagiarism and Piracy

Common Sense on Privacy and Digital Footprints

Common Sense on Research and Evaluation

Common Sense on Respecting Creative Work

Common Sense on Risky Online Relationships

Common Sense on Strategic Searching

Common Sense on Wikipedia