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Pass/No Credit allows a student to take an  elective based classes without it affecting their GPA.

Students may request to take an elective course for Pass/No Credit by filling out the appropriate form.

  1. Only two elective class can be taken under this program per trimester, per year.
  2. Once the decision has been made, the student is to:
    1. Pick up a pass/no credit form in the Counseling and Career Center, obtain parent/guardian signature, and return it to the counselor.
    2. After the counselor has reviewed and approved the request, the teacher will receive a copy of the form.
    3. All grading during the trimester will remain the same; only the final grade will differ.
  3. Students returning from out-of district placements, or with special circumstances, may be granted extended pass/no credit options.

Pass/No Credit facts to know:

  1. After making a decision to be graded "pass/no credit" in an elective course, a student cannot later change his/her mind.
  2. A pass/no credit grade will not be part of the GPA.
  3. A course taken on the pass/no credit program and successfully completed will receive the same one credit toward graduation as offered under the alpha system.
  4. To receive credit, students must earn a minimum of a "D" grade. A class may not require a grade equivalent above a "D" to earn a "pass" grade. Teachers must notify students who have chosen the "P" grade what criteria will be used to determine the "D" grade, or what is expected in order to pass the class.

Pass/No Credit for Special Education Students

Pass/No Credit for Special Education Students Students whose courses/subjects are modified or adapted by an Individual Education Plan (IEP) shall earn grades consistent with normal grading practices unless the IEP provides for an alternate grading system. The alternate grading system shall provide a "P" for satisfactory progress or a "N" for no credit toward IEP goals and shall be determined by the student's special education IEP Team.