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Materials for registration for the next school year. 

Here you will find all the materials needed to register for the next school year.

 Important things to note:

  • All students should sign up for 18 courses.
  • You need to register for full years of your cores classes. Please review graduation requirements in the Course Guide for more details.
  • All zero hour and summer classes should be listed under Alternates.
  • All students MUST have 5 alternates listed unless they are taking six classes that run all year (have A, B, and C sections). 


Review this PowerPoint to learn more about registration and how to register for classes.

Review this PowerPoint to learn more about Online classes in SoWashCo SChools

916 Course Numbers

If you have additional questions, please contact your student’s counselor.


**Always check the resources below for the most up to date course offerings**