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Testing out is an opportunity to earn credits for a course a student has not yet taken at any institution or online. Students may not attempt testing out of a course in which they have been previously enrolled.

About Testing Out

The steps below outline the Woodbury High School Test Out process.

  • Applications for testing out of a course can be obtained in the Counseling Office or Online through the counseling website. 
  • Four test dates for the current school year are listed on the application. 
  • Applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the final test out date
  • You cannot test out of classes you have already completed or are currently taking.

Step 1: Student and guardian will complete and sign the Test Out Application and turn it into the counseling office. 

Step 2: The Counseling Secretary will ensure the application is completed accurately, stamp it with the date received and then submit it to the Test Out Coordinator.

Step 3: The test out coordinator will connect the student and academic teacher to set up a time and date to take the test prior to the end of the Trimester. 

Step 4: Once the test has been complete the academic teacher will notify the Test Out Coordinator as to whether the student Passed or not. Any score of 80% or higher will result in credit for the course with a “P” being added to the student’s transcript by the Counseling secretary. 

Test Out Application


Test Out Application Deadlines

Trimester/Summer Application Deadline
Trimester One Oct. 25, 2021
Trimester Two Feb. 2, 2022
Trimester Three May 4, 2022
Summer June 5, 2022