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Credit by Assessment is an opportunity to earn credits for a course a student has not yet taken at any institution or online. Students may not attempt to earn credit through assessment for a course in which they have been previously enrolled.

About Credit by Assessment

The steps below outline the Woodbury High School Credit by Assessment process.

  • Students must complete the Application for Credit by Assessment within the district-determined window. 
  • Application for credit by assessment implies that the student is ready and capable of taking the assessment when the application is submitted and not after a term of study. 
  • Students must have satisfactorily completed any prerequisites required by the course.
  • Students must maintain full-time status in SoWashCo Schools during this process.
  • A student may only attempt to earn credit by assessment once for each course.
  • Assessment windows will be scheduled once in the fall and once in the spring(see the school’s counseling office for assessment dates).  All applications must be completed at least 30 days prior to the scheduled assessment window. In the event of special circumstances, the principal may adjust the deadline.
  • Each assessment will be scheduled within a four-hour testing window and must be completed within that time frame. The actual length of the assessment may be shorter.
  • Failure to attend the testing session without prior agreement to adjust testing time will be considered a withdrawal of the application for credit by assessment.
  • A student must earn a minimum of 80% on any exam, and a minimum score of “proficient” or “meets expectations in every category of an assessment utilizing a rubric.
  • A notation of “P” (pass) will be entered onto the student’s transcript upon successful completion of the assessment.
  • Students may request Credit by Assessment for core content courses or World Language courses only currently being offered through an application process. A student may attempt to earn credit by assessment only once for each course. Credit by assessment will only be offered for the entire course, not a portion of any course.
  • A student may not earn more than six trimester credits per year or eight courses total toward graduation via credit by assessment.

Step 1: Student and guardian will complete and sign the Application for Credit by Assessment and turn it into the counseling office. 

Step 2: The Administrative Assistant in the Counseling Office will ensure the application is completed accurately, stamp it with the date received, and then submit it to the Credit by Assessment Coordinator.

Step 3: The Credit by Assessment Coordinator will connect the student and academic teacher to set up a time and date to take the test within the assessment window. 

Step 4: Once the test has been administered, the academic teacher will notify the Credit by Assessment Coordinator as to whether the student Passed or not. Any score of 80% or higher will result in credit for the course with a “P” being added to the student’s transcript by the Administrative Assistant in the Counseling Office.

Credit By Assessment Application 

Credit by Assessment Application Deadlines

Assessment Window Application Deadline
Spring 2023 May 1, 2023
Fall 2023 August 1, 2023