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Driving a vehicle to school is considered a privilege, not a right. All persons and vehicles on Woodbury High School parking lots must adhere to the policies described in the District 833 Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Parking passes are sold throughout the school year.

Woodbury High School expects students who drive to school to:

  • Purchase a parking permit annually
  • Display their WHS parking permit on the vehicle's rear view mirror
  • Know the WHS parking rules
  • Adhere to all WHS parking rules
  • Accept the consequences for violations of the parking rules

Woodbury High School reserves the right to:

  • Search a vehicle
  • Tow away or boot a vehicle
  • Suspend student parking privileges
  • Revoke student parking privileges
  • Modify parking rules at any time

Parking permits are now available for purchase online. 

Get started

Once purchased online, please see Ms. Barb Daly in the Accounts Office to get your parking permit. 

The typical price for a parking permit is $140 for the school year. 

WHS Driving and Parking Policies