AP Parent/Student Letter 2019

September 2019

WHS Advanced Placement (AP) Student & Parent Letter

The College Board, the parent organization for Advanced Placement courses, has instituted some operational changes for the 2019-20 school year. This may require action on your part. This letter explains creating a College Board account to use online AP resources and ordering AP exams in the fall.

Establish a College Board Account

AP teachers will now have access to online instructional resources that measure student progress throughout the year. These resources will help students master the content and skills needed for success in the course and on the exam. This fall, students will need to have a (free) College Board account in order to get to the online AP resources. Students who took an AP exam last May should have already set up a College Board account so they could view their scores over the summer. If you’re a new Advanced Placement (AP) student, you will need to create a College Board account now.

All AP students will need ONE active College Board Account right away this fall. Students will be able to see resources for all their AP courses within that single AP student account. Go to apstudents.collegeboard.org to create/view your account.

The student’s name and email (school or private email address) should be on the College Board account, not those of a parent. Returning AP students should not create a second account this year. Please simply verify that all the information on the College Board account is correct.  If you have a problem with your account, call the College Board for assistance at 1-888-225-5427 or email apstudents@info.collegeboard.org.

Students, please memorize your login/password or put your College Board login/password somewhere SECURE in your phone. You will be using your account multiple times in high school.

Order 2020 AP Exams in October 2019

Students enrolled in an AP course have the opportunity to take the cumulative AP exam in May to qualify for college credit. Last year, students registered for AP exams through Total Registration in February. The College Board has changed the exam ordering period to the fall. With this change, students will also need to register and pay for their exams by November 1st on Total Registration, as they did last year. More information about ordering AP exams will come in September.

Students, thank you for your attention to creating or verifying your College Board account.

Sandra Adams
Woodbury High School AP Coordinator
South Washington County Schools
phone:  651-425-4466