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  1. 916 Transportation Waiver
  2. AP Study Period Permission Form (Juniors and Seniors)
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  8. Senior Study Application (MS Word or PDF)
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Internships & College Assistance

Genesys Works is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for students to work in meaningful, paid internships at major corporations and receive free college, scholarship, and financial aid assistance during their senior year of high school. Learn more about Genesys Works.

If as a student, you are interested in this opportunity and you would like to become a Genesys Works Young Professional, spend 30 seconds filling out this link to receive more information: Click Here

Our school partners with Genesys Works, a paid internship program and we are excited for you to learn more! Here is a link to Genesys Works.

What is Genesys Works?

·         A program to gain professional and business technology skills while gaining college credit during summer training!
A paid internship where you could make $15,000 your senior year of high school at a 12-month internship at a major corporation like, Target, Medtronic, or 3M!
A support system where you receive additional post high school planning support!
You will need to have room in your schedule to be able to apply for Genesys Works.  Students need to have 6-9 slots open in their schedule to be able to fit this program in. 

If you would like more information, fill out an interest link on the Genesys Works page and they will be in touch with you:

For questions or additional information contact Genesys Works directly at