Schedule Change Requests

Tri 3.1 and 3.2 schedule changes

Changes need to be requested using the Schedule Change Request Google Form. The link will be made live on February 8th. The last day to submit a change will be February 19th at 3pm. No changes will be made via email!

Do not make an online request if you are requesting Senior Study, Independent Study or Student Aide; please fill out the forms available Here and e-mail them to your counselor.

PLEASE ALLOW your counselor time to make the change. If the schedule change is possible, it will show up in the Student Portal in Campus by March 5th. If the change is not possible, the student will not see a change in Student Portal.

The last day to submit a change will be October 30th at 3pm

Schedule change requests that will be considered:

  1. “Empty” or "Missing a Class" on your schedule
  2. Already had the class
  3. Did not take or did not pass the prerequisites
  4. Inappropriate academic level

Examples of Non-essential schedule change requests that will not be considered:

  1. Teacher requests
  2. Lunch requests
  3. Order of your classes
  4. Switching to the same class as your friend
  5. Elective changes will NOT be considered

Students who elect to withdraw from a course up to the midpoint of the trimester, will receive a “W/F” on their transcript.