Registration 2020-21

WHS Registration 2020-21

Updated 21 August 2020


Program of Studies (POS)

The Program of Studies is a handbook for students and parents. It lists graduation requirements and describe the courses offered in all departments. This handbook is published each year to include any changes to graduation requirements from federal, state, or district rules.

Have registration questions?

If you have registration questions, contact your counselor. Their numbers are listed below.

  • Ms. Holden: 425-4433, A-Co

  • Ms. Olson Eddicus: 425-4434, jolson3@sowashco.orgCr-Ha
  • Mr. Young: 425-4432, He-Li
  • Ms. Dornfeld 425-4413, Lo-Pa
  • Mr. Polley Pe-St
  • Ms. Thao: 425-4431, Su-Z
  • Counseling and Career Office: 425-4430
  • Counselors will be available to students who have questions about registration during their math class on TBA. Students will officially enter their courses on their Chrome Books on TBA. After students have registered, families will be invited to log into Parent Portal to review their student’s course selection.

Registration Materials

Students will receive Registration materials for the 2021-22 school year during their December Advisory. We encourage all families to review this material together over winter break. We also encourage all students and families to access the Program of Studies (see link below) when discussing course selection. The Program of Studies includes important information such as graduation requirements, math and science pathways, and post-secondary admissions requirements. Though students only register for one year at a time, we also encourage all students to tentatively plan their future course selections as well. The 4-year course planning worksheet is a tool to be used to help in that planning process. View the information distributed to students using the links below.

2020-21 School Year Registration Worksheets & Course Cards

Please download the correct 4-year course planning worksheet and course card for the grade you will be in during the 2020-21 school year:

NOTE: Counselors will post information regarding requests for 2020-21 schedule changes when they are able to accept such requests. Requests are not being accepted at this time due to the uncertainty of the start of school year.

2021-22 course planning materials will be posted in December 2020.